Manooi creates exceptional lighting solutions for extraordinary spaces. Every crystal chandelier is the fruit of an intensive creative process by our team of designers who seek to bring beauty and luminance to the world. The handmade crystal chandeliers reflect and refract natural light, scattering it across a room. Using thousands of suspended crystal pendants, Manooi lights evoke a whole spectrum of feeling. 

With every new collection, Manooi expands the frontiers of creativity by marrying simplicity and luxury, modernity and tradition. As manifestations of light artistry, the products adorn the walls and ceilings of hotels, private residences and yachts around the world. The exclusive pieces provide a focal point that celebrates innovation and craftsmanship.

Manooi has been the choice of top architects, art lovers, and interior designers around the world, for their special custom designed light installations.

The overwhelming response from clients for custom designs has led Manooi to explore ever more exotic possibilities and innovative solutions for every living space.

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