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What is personal data

Personal data is information that is directly linked to you as a person. It might be an email-address, a phone number, your name, your IP-address, health records, social identification number, etc.

What information do we store about you

By visiting our website, and agreeing to the use of cookies, we collect data about your browser, which in combination with your IP-adress is used for site analytics through a third party service. Should you enter a business agreement with us, or contact us via email, we store the information needed in order to fulfill our agreement or maintain the customer relation. Personal data that is stored by us or by our partners is kept secure by organizational, systematical and technical measures, such as encryption and hashing.


Cookies are small text files that are used to store information about your visit. Cookies might be used for personal settings such as currency, or a location, or might be used to keep logged in sessions or to track you between different websites. You can delete individual or all of your cookies via your browser settings, where you also are in control of which cookies are allowed to be stored on your computer. See the online support pages for your browser for more information.

Where is your data stored

Through partnership agreements and third party services we store and share your data only when necessary in order for us to fulfill our agreement towards you, or to maintain our relationship in an effective manner. Your data is stored on servers within the EU, and must not without informing you be moved outside of the EU.

How long do we store your data

Personal data that is not required by law to keep for an extended period of time, will be periodically and systematically deleted. You may contact us with an inquiry about what data we store about you, and you may also get your data corrected or deleted, when it is not in conflict with other laws and regulations.


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